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  • 69 IBU
  • 6.7% ABV

If Snarly and Zesty had a kid, this would be it!

Blondes to Stouts

  • Various IBU and ABV

From tropical inspired treats like Bahama Mama Blonde to Irish Cream Stout, our small batches aim to tantalize your tastebuds.


  • 14 IBU
  • 5.2% ABV

Tastes like sunshine in a glass. Try Blueberry Blonde too for a true taste of summer anytime of year.

West Coast IPA

  • 75 IBU
  • 6.8% ABV

Centennial and Cryo Mosaic hops fight it out for a snarly burst of citrus flavor and potent tropical aroma.


  • 24 IBU
  • 5.3% ABV

Mild roasted chocolate character is right on track in this traditional dark ale.

Double Red

  • 30 IBU
  • 6.8% ABV

A style-defying ale that reaches new heights with malty caramel flavor and low hop bitterness.

Citrus IPA

  • 73 IBU
  • 6.7 % ABV

Citrus-forward IPA that is dry-hopped with copious amounts of Citra & Amarillo hops for a formidable citrus aroma that perfectly complements the zesty bitter & citrus flavors of Pomelos.

Pale Ale

  • 45 IBU
  • 5.8 % ABV

Brewed with pale malt and the perfect balance between hoppy and sweet. A thirst-quencher with a bit of a punch.

Grapefruit IPA

  • 72 IBU
  • 6.2 % ABV

Mandarina Bavaria hops lend fruity and citrus tones while grapefruit adds just the right amount of fierce brightness.


  • 55 IBU
  • 6.5 % ABV

A Red IPA that is a hybrid of an American IPA and an Amber. It rocks!


  • 16 IBU
  • 12 % ABV

Barrel-aged and steel-aged barleywines are released throughout the year. Unlike most breweries, we usually always have at least one barleywine on tap year-round.

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